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Maximizing Movement

We strive to help you restore mobility and function through therapeutic treatment and tailored rehabilitation. Our therapists use up-to-date research findings to ensure that you return to full function as soon as possible.

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Spires Physiotherapy

Our Clients

I went to see Joe at short notice due to an injury shortly before an event I was training for. He efficiently assessed the issue, educated me about the causes and put in place a plan to help retrain and improve the injury. Ultimately I successfully completed the event, which is thanks to Joe, so I can heartily recommend him.
Chris Muir
21:13 24 Jun 19
Joe is terrific! I had a really bad knee injury and Joe helped me make a full recovery. He's very knowledgeable and professional and couldn't have asked for a better physio!
13:27 24 May 19
From the moment I met with Joe I knew I had made the right decision. Friendly, polite and very knowledgeable Joe has helped me no end with my Sciatic & Piriformis problems and symptoms. Would definitely recommend to anyone with any type of physio they require.
Paul Garwood
17:58 21 Feb 19
Had a fantastic experience with Joe. Incredibly knowledgeable and personable, he took me from a state where I couldn't bend over to load the oven to being able to run/gym/play sports. Highly recommended.
Chester Steven
14:13 18 Apr 19
I suffered with a herniated disc and Spires Physiotherapy was able to fit me in the next day to see Joe. He is so in-depth with his knowledge and explained everything to me. The treatment has been amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful for his expertise. Joe goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend Spires Physiotherapy!
Charlie Thompson
09:46 12 Dec 18
I went to see Joe to address long-standing shoulder pain issues due to spending too much time sat at my desk every day. The experience was excellent from start to finish, with Joe being very enthusiastic, flexible, and happy to fit in appointments around my work schedule. Joe is also very realistic about providing exercise plans that are easily feasible to do at home with little equipment, and in such a way that it is easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. The symptoms are now clear and i have fresh enthusiasm for a balanced exercise plan, to prevent them re-occuring. Based on my experience i would highly recommend Spires Physiotherapy.
Paul Klauber
15:05 10 Jul 19
I had suffered debilitating back and neck pain from the inherent intricacies of my work for about 6 months or more. My colleagues had attended Spires Physio and had recommended Jo to help fix my physical health. I reluctantly booked my first appointment and was amazed at the level of professionalism that Jo displayed. He accurately diagnosed my issues and what was causing them. We both understood that the work-related causes will not go away unless I changed profession but that there were other modifiable factors such as physical activity that could delay or prevent recurrence and had lifelong health benefits. Six sessions later I was completely pain free. It is now 3 months and I am still pain free. What is extremely important to me and thanking Jo for this is that I am now fully back to running (my favourite high intensity physical activity) after almost 20 years of being "passively physically active". I was not sedentary but I was not exercising enough! Moreover, I am already experiencing weight loss without changing anything else. Jo, you did not try to promote your work as the magic bullet to muscle, nerve and bone problems but you recognised the need to tell your clients of the immense physical, mental and cognitive health benefits of physical activity and encourage them to take advantage of these. You were completely honest with me about physio exercises being only a temp fix and boring (are only intended to be therapeutic) and that physical activity (PA) was more satisfying. You helped me get over my fears and excuses for not returning to PA, helped me realise that I only needed a couple of hours a week, no routines necessary, just do what I could when I could would still be beneficial. It also did not matter what I did, run, walk, gym, skip a rope, anything. Thank you Jo at Spires Physio. You are an absolute gem to your profession! I will definitely recommend Spires physio any day any time.
Helen P M Natukunda
09:21 30 Aug 19
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