At Spires Physiotherapy we treat all types of conditions including joint pains, muscle strains, repetitive stress, sports injuries, and much more. Here are some common issues seen in our clinics:

Back Pain

Back pain is a very common disorder that will affect almost everyone at some point in their lives. It is a leading cause of disability and sickness absence from work. Most episodes of back pain will subside with gentle movement and a course of treatment. Some people, however, suffer from chronic or recurring back pain which requires a tailored management plan and graded rehabilitation based on the individual, their body and their goals. There are many different causes of back pain, more common causes include facet joint dysfunction, intervertebral disc disease, muscle strains and ligament sprains. Fact: 50% of rowers experience an episode of back pain during the course of a season. Issues in the low back can cause symptoms in one or both legs, this is often due to an irritation of the nerves which run from the lower spine down into the legs which, if it affects the back of the legs, is usually described as Sciatica.

Knee Pain

The bane of many runners’ lives, knee pain is often caused by repetitive strain. It’s often predicated by a lack of strength or stability in the hip, knee or foot and often comes on gradually. The location of your symptoms usually depends on the structures involved. For example, pain in the front of the knee is often a result of stress on the patello-femoral joint (knee cap), whereas pain on the outside of the knee usually correlates to issues with the Illio-tibial band. However, it’s not always that straight forward and a detailed assessment with a physiotherapist is strongly advised if you’re experiencing pain in your knee.

Neck Pain

The technological revolution has seen a rise in the number of people experiencing episodes of neck pain, giving rise to the term “Tech Neck”. Extended time sat in front of a computer screen takes its toll on the body, particularly the postural muscles of the upper spine. On top of this, repetitive movements of the neck to one side can irritate joints and fatigue muscles. As with back pain, the causes of neck pain are many and a thorough examination is imperative to finding out the cause of your pain and getting you on the path to recovery. Whiplash Disorder is an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of force to the neck. It’s often caused by a road traffic accident but also affects many contact sports players such as rugby and American football players. Having treated hundreds of people following road traffic accidents, and after spending a season working with the Great Britain American Football team in 2013, Head Physiotherapist Joe Korge is well versed in the management of whiplash disorder.

Shoulder Pain

Often described as the most complex joint in the human body, the shoulder is actually made up of four joints: The gleno-humeral joint, acromio-clavicular joint, scapula-thoracic joint and sterno-clavicular joint. The joints of the shoulder are held together by strong ligaments and many different muscles, most notably, the Rotator Cuff. The Rotator Cuff is a group of four muscles which form a claw-like structure on the top of the arm, holding it in the socket of the shoulder and providing stability when you move your arm. Many shoulder issues are caused, or certainly exacerbated, by dysfunction of the rotator cuff muscles. To complicate matters, an intricate network of nerves and blood vessels supplying the arm and hand runs through the shoulder joint which must be carefully considered during a shoulder assessment.

Chronic Pain

Pain is usually caused by stress or damage to a structure in the body. However, sometimes pain can continue after an injury has healed and the structures have been restored to a healthy state. Chronic pain is considered when symptoms last longer than 3 months and is multi-factorial in nature. It is complex, often misunderstood and can be extremely frustrating to experience. The body’s natural response to pain can sometimes cause chronic symptoms through immobility, weakness and adaptations in the nervous system. As with the pain associated with recovery from an injury, physiotherapists are well equipped to help you manage your chronic pain and help you restore function and quality of life.


Along-side advice and education about your symptoms and your body, your Spires Physiotherapist will provide you with a tailored rehabilitation programme to match your functional goals. Your exercises will be based on the outcome of your assessment and will work towards achieving your individual aims. For example, recovering from an ankle injury involves very different exercises if you’re a cyclist compared to if you’re a dancer. The aim of rehabilitation isn’t just to get you back to pre-injury function, but to get you performing better than you were before your injury in order to prevent recurrence of your symptoms and improve your sporting performance.

Sports Massage and Manual Therapies

Manual therapy techniques, such as deep soft tissue massage and joint manipulation, can help reduce pain and aide recovery from injury. Gone are the days when therapists tell you that manual therapy breaks down scar tissue or moves toxins (whatever they are!) around the body as scientific research evidence refutes this. Manual therapy is provided at Spires Physiotherapy as an adjunct to your rehabilitation and all our therapists are qualified in sports massage and Swedish massage. Electrotherapy such as ultrasound has been shown to be ineffective in the treatment of muscular and skeletal conditions and is not used at our clinics.


Acupuncture is a very safe procedure, carried out by fully qualified professionals. Our physiotherapists are qualified through the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and have undergone a recognised accredited training course in acupuncture. Acupuncture can be part of an integrated approach to the management of pain and inflammation. Scientific research and clinical evidence have shown that it can reduce pain by stimulating the brain and spinal cord to produce natural pain-relieving chemicals such as endorphins, melatonin (which promotes sleep) and serotonin (to promote well-being). These chemicals assist the body's healing processes and offer pain relief. The National Institute for Health and Excellence has recognised the benefit of acupuncture in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, persistent low back pain and headaches. To maximise its effectiveness, acupuncture can be combined with other physiotherapy treatments such as manual therapy, taping and rehabilitation exercises . It can also be used when other more conventional treatments have failed.

Our Clients

Diagnosed my Knee and shoulder problem in one session with various questions and stretches. Been doing the exercises past 3 weeks to help build up muscle around knee and can feel a massive difference already. Shoulder feels stronger and looking forward to second session today. Knows what he is talking about and highly recommend!
Lewis Tait
15:01 23 Aug 17
I have been exceptionally pleased by the quality of service that Joe has provided. He is reasonably priced and very generous with his time and has a knack of providing just about the correct amount of theory to ensure that I am aware of what I need to do and why.
Stephen Lynam
19:38 10 Aug 17
I couldn't recommend Joe highly enough. He gave me good stretches to help me with a pain in my leg and now he's helping me to strengthen my muscles so I'm less prone to injury. He really knows what he's talking about. I recently found out some of my colleagues are seeing him too and they also rate him very highly. Thanks Joe!
Renata de Groot
19:10 10 Aug 17
I had six weeks to go before a 3-week cycling endurance challenge, and I didn't feel 100 percent. Joe was recommended by a work colleague and listened to my thoughts and fears, and put together a programme that specifically targeted my weaknesses. I should have gone to him sooner, but his programme worked wonders and I completed the challenge. I'd recommend Joe very strongly, and will get in contact again if I injure myself, or plan another endurance challenge. Thanks again, Jamie
Jamie French
10:27 31 May 17
Joe is a genuine and knowledgable professional who was recommended to me by a friend. I was so relieved to finally have a solution to an on going condition having received a course of treatment from Joe, which included invaluable advice of how to prevent further problems. I highly recommend Spires Physiotherapy!
Angela Finton
19:12 08 Mar 17
Over the years I have had numerous injuries and seen multiple therapists for treatments and I can honestly say that Joe Korge is the most inspirational physiotherapist I have ever met!
14:10 04 Oct 17
Joe is just great - he not only helped me get back to running after an Achilles injury, he also identified the biomechanics issues which contributed to the injury in the first place and gave me an acchievable exercise plan to correct them. He listens, he explains, and he totally knows what he is doing - can't recommend him highly enough. Go and see him!
Martha Cannon
18:42 12 Oct 17
I am so fortunate to find Spires Physiotherapy. Joseph gave me a thorough physical assessment and was the first to diagnose my problem as being Lumbar Radiculopathy. Joseph also proposed a staged tailored treatment plan to enable me to cope with pain and get me through long days at work and extensive travel. After only two weeks of exercises, I started getting significant pain relief! I am so very grateful to Joseph for (1) taking the time to diagnose my problem (2) designing a tailored exercise programme and (3) explaining what the problem was and how it can be successfully treated without other more serious medical interventions. Joseph has also been a coach as to how I can achieve my personal goals of restored physical mobility, improved energy, ability to continue work and enjoy life. Thank you Joseph!
Julie Van Dort
05:24 19 Oct 17
Joe is a fantastic, professional, understanding and top quality Physiotherapist. Having tried and failed with many other physiotherapists before to help with a shoulder injury, I decided to see Joe, and what a decision. Joe Helped to figure out the actual cause of the problem instead of just treating symptoms. Definitely would recommend to anybody. Thanks for your help Joe
Tristan Knight
20:10 18 Dec 17
I went to Spires Physiotherapy after a serious skiing injury and months of trying physio elsewhere. As a runner, I wanted to get back on track fast, and only Joe was able to help me identify, address, and resolve my injury. His patience, understanding, and individualized plan was key to my recovery and actually helped me become a stronger and smarter athlete than before. I've been to many physios throughout my sports career and Joe is overwhelmingly the most dedicated to his patient's success. I would recommend Spires Physiotherapy to anyone considering an appointment.
Kait Sheridan
11:55 11 Jan 18
I was recommended to see Joe by my personal trainer due to persistent pain in my lower back. Joe really knows his stuff and quickly identified the problem in the first session and gave me a number of exercises to follow. The improvement was fantastic and after the second session and a further set of exercises, I no longer have any pain. I would be very happy to recommend Spires Physiotherapy.
Nick Jones
16:04 17 Feb 18
Went to see Joe about tendonitis in my hip I had for 3 years, I had been to loads of different physios before that made no difference but the exercises he recommended have helped me enormously and I have been able to return to running and going to the gym.
Robert Martin Kelly
23:12 17 Feb 18
Joe is a great communicator and was very helpful in talking me through the root causes of my knee problem. The exercise plan he set me to help resolve the underlying issues was clear and very useful. I am now back to my tennis and have a plan in place to avoid the knee problem arising again.
Benjamin Oakley
17:23 18 Feb 18
Joe provides tailored, expert and thoughtful advice and diagnosis. I went as an amateur runner looking for help whilst training for my first marathon, and have relied on Joe's insight as I have transitioned towards taking up running more seriously. Highly recommended!
Will Bowden-Green
21:08 18 Feb 18
Joe helped me a lot. He is professional and friendly person. I definitely recommend to do your treatment with him.
as sa
16:31 25 Feb 18
I saw Joe for lower back pain post running. He was very thorough to get to the root cause and offered a number of different exercises over a period of several weeks to help strengthen problem areas. His treatment has definitely made a difference and I'd recommend Joe without hesitation.
Nick Pagett
11:38 01 Mar 18
I was referred to Spires Physiotherapy following a road traffic accident with whiplash-related injuries to my neck, back and shoulder. I found the treatment I received to be both thorough and professional, and hugely beneficial. The exercises prescribed took into consideration my physical limitations, yet challenged me enough to regain mobility at a good rate. I found the service to be informed and engaging. Each time I finished a session I felt noticeably better. What impressed me the most about Spires Physiotherapy was its clear emphasis on rehabilitation. Never once did I feel that my sessions would need to carry on indefinitely, or that the pace of treatment was too slow. Each session was paced well, and I understood the part it played in my overall recovery. I offer my strongest recommendation to Spires Physiotherapy. The treatment I received from chartered physiotherapist, Joseph Korge, was outstanding. I was consistently impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, interpersonal abilities, and compassion. Additionally, his previous experience with sports injuries (for professional sports teams) and his active research status are extremely impressive, and are evident in the high-quality treatment I experienced. An exemplary service. I've started running again, and hope to enter races again before too long!
Timothy Farrant
21:42 12 Apr 18
I came to joe with arm & shoulder issues arising from a number of issues related to work, previous injuries, bad habits and exercising. With only a few visits and following joe’s advice, my body feels better than ever functionally and i’ve been able to get back into a frequent workout routine. Best physio I’ve had, having tried numerous.
15:38 25 May 18
I came in with a pain in my shin that I was getting whilst running, a few months before a marathon I had entered. I was expecting a massage to remove the pain and to be sent on my way. Instead Joe took a very proffessional approach and assessed what was causing the pain and how best to combat it. Over a few sessions and months, we built up a gym routine around my muscular deficiencies that allowed me to complete the entire marathon without any abnormal muscular or joint pain. I would (and have) definitely recommend Joe to a friend
Tom Hobson
11:08 07 Jun 18
Excellent! Joe dealt first with my lower back pain and then with a couple of other problems. The treatment and exercises resolved the problem in three sessions. Everything was clearly explained and I had complete confidence.
Howard Riddle
12:46 07 Jun 18
Went to Joe ahead of my first marathon. Before I had even started training he worked out where problem areas might be and designed a stretch/exercise schedule to strengthen these areas. Two weeks before the marathon I suffered awful shin splints and Joe gave me great advice and exercises to do in advance to get me through the day. Post marathon, he helped identify the wear and tear on my body (not just legs!) and I was able to recover fully. Would definitely recommend.
Emma Lumley
11:05 09 Jun 18
Best service in town! Joe is very experienced and professional. I definitely recommend this Physiotherapy Studio!
18:48 11 Jun 18
I'd recently been to an osteopath and then a physiotherapist for treatment of lower back pain, I was staying in Kent and found local help. I had some relief for a couple of weeks, but then the pain came back even worse. I'd moved to Oxford and I found Joe online. As I was driving to his rooms the pain was so severe I had to stop on the side of the road. He examined me thoroughly and explained that the problem was with a facet joint, he massaged and worked on the area. That was a week ago and since then I've done the exercises he suggested and I've had no pain since. He certainly worked his magic on me. I've been to several physiotherapists over the years and I think he's up there with the best.
Margi Batson and Janie Acutt
11:33 11 Sep 18
For 6 months I had constant pain in my jaw and mouth relating to TMJ. This is a very specialist issue that not many consultants can actually help with. I have been seeing Evangelos at Spires Physiotherapy since May18 and due to the exercises and specialist acupuncture he has given me I have seen tremendous improvements. In particular my facial pain has reduced, but most importantly I’ve gained movement back in my jaw. Before having any treatment I could barely open and close my mouth properly. I would highly recommend booking an appointment if you are struggling with TMJ problems.
Alice Watson-Thorne
10:47 12 Sep 18
It’s been fantastic meeting Joe and his support has been much appreciated. I feel so much better now. I have suffered from lower back pains for a long time but not only did Joe make me feel loads better, but suggested many excersies to keep me in good condition. I now wake up pain free. Since my first session, I have seen improvements to my stability and strength and this has enabled me to take up cycling and return to weight training. I was recommended Joe via a work colleague and I will be sure to recommend Joe to anyone who requires a physiotherapist in the Oxford area.
Imran Khan
19:14 21 Sep 18
Joe is a knowledgeable and friendly physio and has helped me to return to full physical health after a serious ankle break. He is great at creating personalised, goal-orientated programmes of exercises and providing concrete measurements of improvements. Highly recommended!
Elizabeth Bruton
16:54 20 Sep 18
I went to see Joe as I had been suffering on and off from chronic neck pain for several years. We had three sessions over the course of a few months. He was able to identify the main causes of the pain and gave me corrective exercises that were manageable but progressively more challenging from session to session. He also gave me advice on how to manage pain following flare ups. Joe was very professional throughout and was good at explaining both the causes of my pain and the reasoning behind the exercises he suggested. I have not had a serious flare up for several months now which is a drastic change from how things were before. I would definitely recommend Joe as a physio.
Tom Hierons
16:45 25 Oct 18
I visited Joe for help with bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome. He was very professional and knowledgeable throughout. I felt that he was interested in the difficulties I was experiencing. I felt listened to. He set up an exercise programme to help with symptom control and was able to advise on suitable easy to use splints. My symptoms are now less of a problem and my night time disturbances significantly reduced. Thank you Joe for all your advice and support.
Ruth Mason
16:13 31 Oct 18
I visited Joe after injuring myself in a personal training session. Instantly Joe was able to recognise that I had signs of SI Joint Dysfunction and assigned me some stretches and exercises that would strengthen my back. Now on stage two of my programme, continuing my exercises and working on areas of exercise that shall strengthen my lower back I have finally been able to ease myself back into the gym after months out! I would be more than happy to recommend Spires Physiotherapy to family or a friend.
Sofia Lambe
21:13 14 Nov 18
Used this guy last year. Highly intelligent and sound advice. The exercise regime fixed my knee and got me back on my bike !
Henri Gomm
19:50 18 Nov 18
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